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On the drawing board since 2007 but officially launched on January 1st 2009, Go Glamping is the first website dedicated to promoting luxury camping holidays around the world.

Produced by Holiday Pad, the acclaimed holiday and vacation ideas website, Go Glamping is based along the same principles that helped Holiday Pad win many fans for its refreshing format, with The Guardian naming us as one of their favourite travel websites, and as one of their top ten travel blogs.

And like Holiday Pad, Go Glamping has been designed to be easily browsed by our audience in a nice and clean layout free from obtrusive ads often seen on many travel, and travel media websites, especially blogs.

Site credits

  • Garri Rayner developed the concept and designed the website. Garri is also the editor of Holiday Pad and author of Hotel Haiku.
  • Arne Bellstorf drew the lovely header illustration for us. Arne is a well known comic artist from Germany, with many published titles to his name.
  • Mehmet Özekinci did the coding and programming. Mehmet is in Estonia where he develops Premium WordPress Themes.

A special ‘thank you’ goes to Ryan Carson at Carsonified for graciously allowing us permission to use his website’s wooden background. We hunted high and low for a suitable wooden background but to no avail, none had the same quality. Thanks again, Ryan!

List your campsite on Go Glamping

If you are an owner of interesting and unusual camping accommodation and you would like to be listed on Go Glamping then please visit our advertising page for further details.

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